New Folk Radio Now On iTunes

Image635004975091770107NewFolkRadio.com (NFR) announces that its IP Radio service has been accepted by iTunes.  NFR is the only radio station in the Pacific Northwest that streams folk, roots, and bluegrass music 24/7 without subscription fees or commercials.

Now in its second year of broadcasting online, NewFolkRadio.com streams its service via Live365, which means the stream can be heard on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.  "With the addition of iTunes, NFR is now technologically agnostic -- we can be heard on any IP stream anywhere around the world," said John Hart, owner and founder of NFR. "We are ready for the next stage of IP Radio in car radios which the Big Three automakers are planning for next year," he said.

The NewFolkRadio listening audience numbers have taken a big jump since landing on iTunes.  "We're now serving 5,000 listeners per month from around the world, with 40% of the audience in the Pacific Northwest" Mr. Hart noted.  "However, the rate of growth seems to be around 10% a day, which is astonishing. It's hard to know where this is going to level off. I should probably send Apple a thank you card and buy a Mac," he said.

NewFolkRadio's format is 3-in-a-row bluegrass followed by 3-in-a-row folk music.  "Bluegrass and folk music are more than cousins, their roots go deep and wide and cross one another like sun and shadows in the Smokey Mountains," Mr. Hart said.

NewFolkRadio.com is signatory to ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and Sound Exchange. NewFolkRadio does not require any plug-ins whatsoever.

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