Image635004092905201922Prescription Bluegrass is extremely pleased and honored to announce the sale of our company! “We've worked hard at making a media company that leads the way in new ideas and innovative ways to deliver bluegrass news to the community,” said Prescription Bluegrass founder, Brian McNeal.

Prescription Bluegrass radio will continue to serve all the existing affiliates plus the entire National Public Radio (NPR) Network with the shows new co-hosts, Ray and Tom Magliozzi, better known to most as Click & Clack, The Tappet Brothers, who just recently retired from their long-running “Car Talk” radio program. Prescription Bluegrass will air in the time slot previously held by “Talk of the Nation” since the canceling of this program was recently announced.

The Magliozzis have long been bluegrass fans and even semi-professional pickers with their own band. “Hosting Prescription Bluegrass will be a career dream-come-true” said Ray. “We don't foresee any real changes to the program with the slight exception of maybe taking some telephone calls from listeners who need to know how to fix their car radios.”

“In fact,” he said, “we've already had a lady call the Car-Talk show and ask about installing a bluegrass converter so that all of the stations sounded like bluegrass no matter what type of music her family thought they were playing – we see a lot more of that type of content,” he added. “And of course, most of the music played on the show will probably be our own band since we can't get any other radio shows to play us,” he blurted out with his trademark loud belly laugh.

The popular Prescription Bluegrass Blog, still part of the family of Rx products, will be run mostly by country music superstar, Blake Shelton who has amassed a huge following of additional fans just recently by being outspoken and not afraid to say what he thinks. His plans for expansion and growth of the blog include more editorial comments written by himself, and a lot less of the the festival news and band-member-changes type of content. He also said that the blog would no longer publish news of the death of any bluegrass pioneers. “No one has been buying their music for years and it's certain that no one wants to hear anything else about those old-timers any more – especially when they're gone … let 'em be,” he said.

According to Brian McNeal, he and all of the current Prescription Bluegrass blog writers are thrilled with this new direction which by the way, begins today, April 1st, 2013.

And since we're based here in Arizona, we still have this old bridge that some say came from some foreign country that's for sale down around Lake Havasu City. If anyone is interested …

April Fools!

Have a great week!

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