Steep Canyon Rangers Solicit New IMBA Members with Video Message

Image635004884186770639May is going to be IBMA Membership Month and the organization is calling for all members to plant some seeds, grow some new members and generally help out in a variety of different ways.

One of the ways suggested has already been taken up by former IBMA Entertainers of the Year, The Steep Canyon Rangers in a special video message posted last week. (See Video Below or click HERE)

The members of IBMA’s newly-appointed Membership Committee, led by the San Diego Bluegrass Society’s Dwight Worden as chair, with Charles Humphrey III (The Steep Canyon Rangers), Tim Surrett (Balsam Range), Matt Munsey (Monroeville), Ted Lehmann (Ted’s Bluegrass, Blogs & Brainstorms), Ohio educator and longtime Bluegrass in the Schools committee chair Dr. Tom Kopp, Elizabeth Wightman (SteelBridge Insurance), Danny Clark (The Bluegrass Bus Museum) and IBMA Executive Director Nancy Cardwell, are excited about reaching out to more musicians, industry folks, local associations, and dedicated fans in the bluegrass music community to offer the opportunity to get involved with a trade association for the music that belongs to all of us.

What will the future of bluegrass and IBMA look like?

That’s up to you. Join, get involved, talk to your friends and business associates. There’s a membership category for everyone, with options for professional individuals, organizations (bands/clubs/businesses), youth and fans. Together, we can work to make things better for bluegrass music—introducing great artists to new audiences, and helping to support those out there making a living in this music—onstage and behind the scenes.

The possibilities and potential are endlessly exciting for our music community. But the first thing we’re asking you to do is to decide to get involved and make a difference. Join IBMA!   

Artists and merchandisers who have booths at festivals and other events can contact IBMA to get some “Ask Me About IBMA” and “Bluegrass Nation” stickers, along with small cardstock membership fliers to stick on your table. Feel free to go to www.ibma.org to click on a link to print off your own tri-fold membership brochures. We’ll also have downloadable ads and a special Facebook icon you’ll easily be able to share.

Artists and industry leaders are encouraged to record 30- and 60-second audio clips that say what you find valuable and important about belonging to IBMA. Please email those todanny.clark.bluegrass@gmail.com.

If you need help making one, let us know. We’re also asking for short (funny or serious) video clips from members with similar messages—why you’re an IBMA member, and also telling viewers that you’ll see them at World of Bluegrass Sept. 24-28, in Raleigh. Video clips may be posted to IBMA’s YouTube Channel or Facebook page, BluegrassNation.org, or emailed to Katherine@ibma.org. Here’s a great example of a video we’ve already received from the Steep Canyon Rangers. VIDEO.

Radio broadcasters can keep an eye (or ear) for IBMA membership public service announcements to be posted on AirPlay Direct in May (or sooner, as we get them from artists)!

Association leaders and event producers, and bands can encourage your members, attendees and fans to call 1-888-GET-IBMA or go to www.ibma.org to join IBMA. Websites, liner notes, onstage emcee announcements and Facebook are all great places to help us get the word out.

Bloggers, journalists, educators, publicists, songwriters, luthiers and fans please mention IBMA where you can, and help support the trade association of your friends and peers who are working to keep bluegrass music growing strong.

Everyone mention IBMA membership and tweet (#ibmamember, #ibmamembershipmonth, #bluegrassnation) in May, to help us network around the globe and get the message out.

Got a better idea? Let us know what you’re doing so we can share it with the rest of the membership! (Email all brilliant ideas to nancyc@ibma.org or dworden@roadrunner.com) We know you’re a creative thinking bunch of folks!

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