W. J. Hallock Reviews The Gibson Brothers–THEY CALLED IT MUSIC

Image635028209890062005The GIBSON BROTHERS  -        “They Called It Music”

Label: Compass Records

Released: March 2013

by: W.J. Hallock

I knew it at the time…… I thought about it while I was listening to this CD….. I’m thinking about it right NOW, and getting madder by the minute!!!

Eric and Leigh Gibson were about two hours away from my home doing a show at Byron Berline’s Double-Stop-Fiddle-Shop Theater in Guthrie, OK last year….and I missed it! I’ve been kickin’ myself ever since! Byron’s theater is intimate, warm and diligently refined for acoustic music. In other words, the perfect place to have seen the 2012 IBMA Entertainer’s Of The Year. And I MISSED IT! I guarantee that won’t happen again…..

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