Wildfire’s Curt Chapman Puts on The Cap and Gown!

Image635006713552034347Congratulations to Wildfire’s own Curt Chapman! He is graduating from Eastern Kentucky University next month!

Curt Chapman was born in Lancaster, Ohio, raised in Nashville, Tennessee, and moved to Richmond, Kentucky in 1973 where he has been ever since. He started playing bass when he was 12 years old. Curt’s first real job came from Cousin Wilbur Westbrook, who was a country comedian on the Grand Ole Opry. He hired Curt and his brother and sisters to play on the road at air force bases and NCO clubs up and down the eastern seaboard.

During the years, Curt has played in rock and roll, blues and country bands before he got into bluegrass. He toured with country chart artist, Josh Logan and performed with Southern Blend. In 1987, Curt received a phone call from J.D. Crowe and spent the next 15 years as bassist for J. D Crowe & The New South. During that time he was on two recordings including the Grammy™ nominated “Flashback” and the highly acclaimed “Come On Down to My World”. In 2000 Curt left The New South to form Wildfire with Robert Hale.

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