California Autoharp Gathering Brings Back the Kids

Image635041357500676868In the past, the gathering has supported as many as 40 students through grants and donations. 

Thanks to generous donations this year, the program will continue and 20 students will study autoharp, Americana, Singing and other folk instruments. 

The gathering promises to give them experiences they’ll take with them for the rest of their lives to help inspire their creativity.Image635041356314739036

More donations are still being requested and you can count any contribution for a qualified tax deduction through the Fresno Historical Society.

The 2013 Gathering will be3 held this week,  May 16-19, at St. Nicholas Ranch in Dunlap, CA and welcomes all levels of musicianship. Even if you’ve never played an instrument before, you will find yourself right at home says the program’s State Director, Mike Mueller.

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