Covered Grass Jumps Out Of The Box!

Image635034391389405785German Band Announces New CD with Animated Video

Covered Grass’ latest CD, “Toogaroo” contains 13 original songs by singer Corina Aurin and banjoist Volker Fisher.  The producers must have been thinking outside of the box and literally jumping out of the box to make sure the video will grab your attention and introduce you to one of Europe’s finest.      ---   Watch Video – Click Read Or Comment Link!    ---


The album represents the personal love story between the two (Aurin and Fisher).   According to Volker, “…we think it's a good way for a German band to honor the roots of bluegrass music but generate it’s own style and feel for this kind of music. That's what Covered Grass stands for. It's kind of funny that especially a band that has the word "Covered" in it's name want's to create a new style.”  

He went on to say that he never saw more "snow covered grass" on the hills than when they named the band - not to cover other artists.

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