Irish Songwriter Niall Toner Launches How-To Book

Image635046509071062412Ireland’s bluegrass troubadour Niall Toner has written his first book and is getting set for the launching to be held at the Borris Festival of Writing and Ideas on June 8th.

The Borris House Festival of Writing and Ideas brings together some of the most intriguing international minds – novelists, journalists, film-makers, poets, theatre directors, war correspondents, biographers, artists and political commentators – for a weekend of stimulating dialogue and discussion.

Niall’s book, “The Nuts and Bolts Of Songwriting” is his first attempt at writing a book.

According to a message Niall send us, he is as surprised as anyone else that the book has reached fruition at all. “Over the years I have been writing occasional articles and reviews, and also 'stashing' odds and ends of memoirs and stories, which may sometime emerge into a book, either as part of a biography or maybe a novel.

Image635046509893519453It was part of Niall’s own learning curve as a Songwriter that made him want to write a book about songwriting. “That journey began in the early 60s, by becoming an avid listener to the great songs of Hank Williams, Bill Monroe, The Carter Family, and so on,”  Niall told Prescription Bluegrass.  “When I began to try my own hand at writing songs and composing music, I began to take notes and write down tips from other writers who were kind enough to share their talents with me. Over time, my notes and collected tips accumulated.

About three years ago, Niall said he began to contemplate the idea that all his collected stuff might make a book that would prove helpful to other aspiring writers who were starting out on that same learning path.

He says he showed his notes to a Publisher who promptly said: “Publish and be damned”.

Niall called upon his trusted friend Fiaz Farrelly for the book design and photographs, (Farrelly also designed Niall’, latest CD, ONWARDS AND UPWARDS) and many of his songwriter colleagues, including Barry and Holly Tashian, for special contributions to the book in the form of their best writing 'Tips'.

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