“Leaving Shoes” Arrives from Big Country Bluegrass

Image635035182185323749Rebel Records is pleased to release the first single from Big Country Bluegrass latest  Rebel recording,Memories of the Past (REB-1848).

"I'm Putting on My Leaving Shoes" is another fine new piece from the super songwriting team of Tom T. and Dixie Hall.

The song has  been made available to the public for digital purchase as a special pre-album promotion via iTunes, Amazon and other online retailers. The physical and online versions of the full album will be released June 18th.

Image635035182622838773Known to fans of traditional bluegrass throughout the country, Big Country Bluegrass has been plying its trade for over 25 years now, led by the husband and wife team of Tommy and Teresa Sells. Having grown up in one of the real hotbeds of bluegrass music (Southwestern Virginia), they have a particularly strong appeal to the many fans of the music for whom traditional bluegrass is second nature.

With its previous album (its first for Rebel), the band has made a strong name for itself with its great rendition of “The Boys In Hats & Ties,” written by Tom T. and Dixie Hall, and this new record contains another from the Halls’ impressive song list: “I’m Putting On My Leaving Shoes.” The rest of the 14-song lineup includes a mixture of wonderfully played standards like “Little Girl and The Dreadful Snake,” “99 Years” and Aubrey Holt’s “Headin’ South,” and fine newer material including the poignant “John Doe Made the Crossing.”

The current lineup features the newly-added, fine lead singing of Eddie Gill, who is joined on tenor vocals by Teresa Sells―some songs include the superb voice and fiddle of Don Rigsby as well, and Teresa’s high-baritone part in a few of the trios makes for some unique and powerful music. Eddie grew up surrounded by bluegrass music playing with his father Hernon in Eddie Gill and the Grassmasters in 1994, and they recorded three projects during the next fifteen years. Eddie toured and recorded for two years with Travers Chandler and Avery County before becoming the lead singer and guitarist with Big Country Bluegrass. Back with Big Country Bluegrass again is Lynwood Lunsford, the experienced banjo picker who provides top-notch instrumental backing, and also offers a sterling “Choking the Strings”―a classic Don Reno banjo tune. Special guest Billy Hawks, from Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice, is heard on fiddle with Tommy Sells featured on mandolin. 

The first single "I'm Putting on My Leaving Shoes" available to DJs and Radio Stations, as well as available for digital purchase today on iTunes and Amazon

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