Lorraine Jordan and Jeanette Williams Team Up for New Song

Image635041969966993177Carolina Road bandleader and Daughters of Bluegrass co-founder, Lorraine Jordan, has released a new song, "Nothin About Trains", with the 2012 SPBGMA Traditional Female Vocalist of the Year, Jeanette Williams.

The tune is featured on Pickin' Like a Girl, the latest Daughters of Bluegrass box set from Blue Circle Records.Written by Dixie Hall, the "Nothin' About Trains" compares one's love affair to the experience of riding a train.

"This track, created for the latest release from the Daughters of Blue Grass, is a fine traditional song with hard driving music," said Lorraine Jordan. "Jeanette and I sing a duet during the verses and Gena Britt joins us during the chorus." 


"Nothin' About Trains" also has the talents of Gena Britt on banjo, Becky Buller on fiddle and Rebecca Long on guitar as well as Jordan on mandolin and Williams on bass.


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