Michael Martin Murphey Signs with Red River Entertainment!

Image635034582061261592Nashville’s newest entertainment conglomerate Red River Entertainment, in partnership with RED Distribution, has announced the signing of iconic American songwriter Michael Martin Murphey.

Murphey will be the label’s flagship artist, releasing a new album this summer. 

In 1972, Rolling Stone Magazine called  Murphey “one of the best songwriters in America.”  Since that time, he has left an indelible mark on the American Music Landscape, crafting and recording such iconic hits as “Wildfire,” “Carolina In The Pines”, “Geronimo’s Cadillac”, “Cowboy Logic,” “Cherokee Fiddle”, “Boy From The Country” and more. 

In the process, he has topped the Pop, Country, Bluegrass and Western Music charts, earned six gold albums and multiple Grammy nominations.



Pictured, left to right, Red River Entertainment’s Chuck Rhodes, Michael Martin Murphey, and Murphey’s producer, Ryan Murphey.

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