New Album – TEN, Celebrates Ten Years for Nu-Blu

Image635053175405912923Rural Rhythm Records is proud to announce the digital album release of Ten by Nu-Blu.

The digital album is available now on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and other digital stores.  The physical CD will be available on July 16th. 

Now with five albums to their credit, Nu-Blu has developed a unique sound which combines their love for bluegrass music and respect for its traditional roots, along with an edgy feel that gives their music a fresh energy and spirit.

Appropriately titled, Ten contains ten new songs performed in their unique and distinctive style with award winning special guest musicians Ron Stewart and Jim Van Cleve.  The up-tempo "That Road",written by Honi Deaton, kicks of the album and is the first single from Ten.


    1. That Road
    2. Without A Kiss
    3. Caught In The Middle
    4. Eddie’s Garage
    5. Train’s I Didn’t Take
    6. The Seed
    7. It’s A Good Day To Be With You
    8. All Americans
    9. Giant Squid
    10. Shadows Of The Night

Recording ‘Ten’ has been an exhilarating and rewarding experience. After ten years and four previous albums, we feel that we have started to develop a sound that is distinctly ‘Nu-Blu.’  By this we mean that in the beginning we put more concentration on trying to sound like what we perceived people wanted to hear, sometimes forgoing our own instincts in favor of popular opinion. Now we choose our material based on emotional response and personal experiences. If a song moves us, it then allows us the freedom to play and perform in a way that provokes the same emotions in others. We record in much the same way. We choose the material, chart and arrange it, then go in the studio to record most songs without ever having played or performed them before. Through this process, we are better able to capture the raw initial excitement we felt the first time we heard it and hopefully convey that feeling to the listener, helping to stir the creativity in others. Our goal is to provide an avenue to sustain the traditions of bluegrass music, and with no restraints, to allow the music to take us where it leads.  Ten celebrates our 10th anniversary with new songs that we feel pass through the full range of emotions. We explore life on the road, family devotion, tragic loss, the joys of love, patriotism, and no regrets. We’ve even included a brand new original instrumental that will leave you breathless. This is our best album to date and we can’t wait to share it with our fans,” says, Carolyn Routh.

Nu-Blu was founded ten years ago by husband and wife team, Carolyn and Daniel Routh, who are joined by long time band members Levi Austin and Austin Koerner to comprise one of today’s most popular bluegrass groups.

Through the years, and after numerous charted bluegrass and gospel titles,Nu-Blu has developed a solid fan base utilizing the strong lead vocal talents of Carolyn, Daniel and Levi along with their diverse selection of material including original songs, traditional favorites and songs from other genres of music.

The album is also available now for radio programmers and DJ’s on AirPlay Direct.

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