New Single From Blue Moon Rising - Expect Full Album by Late May

Image635036216138582492From the anticipated new album, BLUE SIDE OF THE MOON, Blue Moon Rising has released the new single “Colder December,” to Bluegrass Radio.

The band will be hosting the CD release party on May 25th in Maryville, TN, with the official release day coming on May 28th. Tickets to the celebration of the new project are available on the website.

Tony Mowell, David Mowell, and Cory Wharton wrote the  single, “Colder December.”  The track features the new line-up for the band with the addition of Rusty Ferrell on banjo, Brandon Bostic taking his talents to resonator guitar, and David Mowell on mandolin. Chris West returns on guitar while Tony Mowell returns on bass.

The new song features Tony on lead vocals while Chris and David add the harmony parts.

“Blue Side of the Moon,” is sure to satisfy every BMR fan. The album contains the original sound that has been a band staple for many years. Loaded with original Image635036217498660284grass, a tribute to one of the bands favorite groups, and some bonus country tracks, this record has something for every music listener to enjoy.

During the retreat to Stanley Valley TN, where the band recorded in a small country cabin, Brandon Bostic from Root Note Studios, engineered the latest project to add to the bands already stellar collection of original recordings.

Blue Moon Rising is an award nominated band, and will be touring to promote the release of the new CD.

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