Radio Program and Inn Offer Bluegrass Sweepstakes

Image635029857114091241It’s called the KNEE DEEP IN WORLD OF BLUEGRASS SWEEPSTAKES - named in part for the radio program that is co-sponsoring the contest along with the Mast Farm Inn a long-time supporter of the genre.  The promotion is in honor of the 2013 World of Bluegrass Business Conference and Festival sponsored by the International Bluegrass Music Association.

Registration is on-line and prizes include a celebration getaway for the winner, more gift certificates for lodging and dining at the Mast Farm Inn in historic Valle Crucis, North Carolina  (for techno-geeks the GPS coordinates are: +36° 12′ 25.75", -81° 46′ 16.20").

But the big prize that gives it it’s bluegrass moniker are several trips-for-two to the Bluegrass Business Conference and IBMA Awards Show in Raleigh, NC and separate drawings for trips-for-two to the associated Wide Open Bluegrass Festival which will take place on the weekend.  Drawings for both prize categories are to be held on the first of each month starting today and continuing through September 1st.

Entry into the contest is free.   Enter and view the prize list here:

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