Richard Hawkins Retires from Active Blogging but NOT from Bluegrass

Image635047376600782273One of the driving forces behind the bluegrass scene in Europe for the last several years has been Ireland’s Richard Hawkins. 

Not only did he maintain his Bluegrass Ireland Blog on a daily basis but also the European Bluegrass Blog as well.

In a message to Prescription Bluegrass, Hawkins said, “I'm now passively blogging, in that I don't go looking for material to make sure something's published every day.   What I've done - and not very completely - is to retire from active blogging, because trying to do it on both my own blog and the European Bluegrass Blog (EBB) was proving too much for me.”

The EBB has managed to make other arrangements, and  Ray O'Brien has set up a Facebook page, which does a very good job for the Irish Bluegrass contingent.

Hawkins also said that even though some may say he’s gone over to the “Dark Side of the Force,” he’s discovering how the banjo works and having fun playing Old-Time music with his fiddle playing son.  According to him, he hasn’t found the exit door yet.

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John Currie said...

While I understand the difficulties of trying to stuff 5 pounds into a three pound bag, as it were, I regret the loss of Richard's regular (and impeccably written) contributions to the world of Irish bluegrass and old-time music. Some of the best memories I have of my 5 years as a teacher at the Omagh festival are the long and far-reaching conversations Richard and I had on any number of topics, musical and otherwise. I do hope that I'll be able to enjoy his insightful observations in whatever format he chooses to employ. Enjoy your newfound spare time, Richard, and keep up the good work on the banjer!