A New HIGH MOON ORDER on the Horizon for Fiddler Betse Ellis

Image635067951644973956On June 18, 2013, Betse Ellis will release her new full-length studio album High Moon Order on Free Dirt Records.

The album features 13 tracks that demonstrate Betse’s incredible musical range, including traditional and original fiddle tunes, new, sonically rich songs featuring a full electric band, and even a couple of fiery punk-infused numbers.

High Moon Order evolves from the raw, straightforward approach of both Betse’s previous solo music and her work with acclaimed alt-country band The Wilders to a sound that’s uncommonly complex and captivating.

Consisting primarily of original compositions (and a rousing cover of The Clash’s “Straight to Hell”), the few traditional songs and tunes that appear here are imprinted with Betse’s own personal style and delivery.

What perhaps makes High Moon Order so distinct is its ability to surprise. One minute she’s shredding hairs from her bow on a fast-paced tune—shouting lines fervently over her fiddle—and the next she’s quietly singing a heart-breaking confessional song on tenor guitar. Yet, the pieces fall together beautifully on this record. Though Betse’s abiding love of Ozark folk music is evident, High Moon Order is much more than an homage to these traditions. Betse’s love for melody shines through on the fiddle tunes, and her mastery of singing while fiddling truly distinguishes her as a solo artist. High Moon Order will wow any fan of folk, old-time, Americana and beyond.

A native of Arkansas and longtime Kansas City resident, Betse became dedicated to old time fiddle styles, especially Ozark styles, when she realized this music related directly to her regional heritage. Recognizing the deep soul present in the source music inspired Betse to spend the last 20 years of her life learning, performing, and teaching these styles. She first brought the intense energy of her fiddling to the “hillbilly riot” of The Wilders, a group she helped found. Betse toured the US and internationally with The Wilders for the past ten years, but her solo career has flourished in the last year, with national tours, teaching at music camps, and official showcases at the Folk Alliance International Conference and the International Bluegrass Music Association’s annual festival.Image635067958013308204

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