Mandolin Café Alerts to Bogus eBay Advertisement for Gibson F-4 Mandolin

Image635077576304281915Mandolin Café says this may be the most viewed mandolin of all time – ranking even higher than the number of viewers on Bill Monroe’s F-5.

The alert is to a scam being perpetrated over and over on eBay. Mandolin Café approximates at least 250 times and according to an article posted on their site, the way to avoid the scam is to: “Never reply to an ad where a seller embeds an email address inside of an image.”

Another clue for those unaware is the super-quick 24-hour sale which is an attempt to try and beat eBay detectives to figuring out it’s a fraud.

Also the article says there is no sense in linking back to the eBay page since it will probably “reappear many times more in the next 30 days and long after.”

However they did include numerous pictures including the one with the embedded Email address Image635077575734159306     Image635077576968379899

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