New Contest Gives Fans a Chance To Jam With Internationally Known Darrell Webb Band

Image635061159477886416FanJam is a new contest that gives the fans a chance to host a late night Jam session with the Darrell Webb Band!

Bluegrass Festivals have always been known for their late night campsite jamming! Darrell Webb Band's FanJam will give one lucky winner the chance to invite their friends to jam with Darrell and the boys!

The first FanJam will be held at the Rockahock Bluegrass Festival on Saturday June 15th, 2013.

Contest Rules;

    1. Have a RV site or Camp site at the festiva  (with a power source and a drop cord for Bass Amp)
    2. Have ample lighting for FanJam
    3. Supply a late night meal for Darrell Webb Band members

Contestants can register to win at:  darrellwebbband.com/FanJam/

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