Valedictorian Speech From Breaking Grass Fiddler Tyler White

Image635065588870638741A few weeks ago we told you about a once-in-a-lifetime weekend for a remarkable young man.  The story we published became the MOST READ Story on the Prescription Bluegrass Blog that week and again beating out all other stories the following week.

So today we’d like to share just a bit more with you and turn the spotlight on him once again.

Tyler White, fiddler with the up-and-coming new bluegrass band BREAKING GRASS has been no stranger to fiddle contest championships since he was age 7, but a few weeks

ago he won the Mississippi State Fiddle Championships on the same weekend he graduated from high school in his hometown of Booneville, MS.

Amazing as that may seem, Tyler was also chosen as valedictorian for his class. 

After some doing of trying to catch up with him due to his performance schedule with his band, BREAKING GRASS, we asked Tyler for a copy of this Valedictorian Speech.  He not only send us the text (Printed Below) but also a nice video shot from high above the auditorium.  We’re delighted to present them here for you.


Tyler’s Speech



To see Tyler play with his band Breaking Grass, check their touring schedule: http://www.breakinggrass.com/Tour.html

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Jane Orr said...

Thank you for the story on Tyler White. He is a very special young man and it loved by all who know him.