Curly Seckler Improving After Stroke!

Image635084326850429295Curly Seckler, the man who lead the Foggy Mountain Boys after the death of Lester Flatt has sent a message to his fans which reads:

Thank you all for the nice messages after I suffered the stroke. I went to the doctor today and he says I'm doing well and can finish with the speech therapy. I can start walking at the mall again and will soon be able to drive! Best wishes to you all.

Image635084324964011398Curly’s contributions to Bluegrass and American music as a whole are undoubtedly, appreciated by his many fans and admirers. The International Bluegrass Music Association honored Curly in 2004 and his release of "Sixty Years of Bluegrass with My Friends" in 2005 on the Copper Creek label solidified Curly's place as one of the pioneers of the genre and steward of customs and traditions.

Throughout his career, Seckler played with Charlie Monroe, Jim and Jesse McReyonlds, Mac Wiseman, The Stanley Brothers, Nashville Grass, Doyle Lawson, among many others.

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