Eddie Adcock Suffering from Lung Problems

Image635091212580491509A message from: Martha Adcock

“Prayers for Eddie (Adcock), please? I'm sure they'd help with the lung problem he's had for about 6 weeks now...been to pulmonologist several times, taken several courses of medicine, etc.

We had to miss the D'Addario party this evening, and NAMM is happening; plus the Chet Atkins Appreciation event... all of which we're supposed to be at... Prayers --or even just good vibes-- much appreciated!”

Eddie Adcock played banjo with Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys in 1957. Shortly thereafter he joined Charlie Waller in The Country Gentlemen.

In October 2008, concerns about hand-tremors, which could have compromised his performing career, led to Eddie having deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

A local anesthetic was used during the surgery, and he was encouraged to play banjo during the procedure in order to check the effectiveness of the treatment.  During the brain implantation surgery, the patient is kept conscious so they may assist the doctors in properly placing the leads. They do this by experiencing its immediate effects on their fine motor skills. In Eddie’s case, this would be his right hand picking the banjo. Eddie has related that this was not an easy process to experience.

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We are thinking about you Eddie. Walt C.