Get “HEALED” with Locust Ridge This Month


Rural Rhythm Records announces the release of the new Locust Ridge album Healed coming out on Rural Rhythm Christian, July 30th. 

Deep in the mountains of East Tennessee, you will find the small rural community of Locust Ridge.  You will also find a very popular mountain gospel group in this area appropriately named after the community Locust Ridge.

If you were to visit this area, there is a good chance if you stopped to talk with anyone, their last name would be Allen. The center of the community is a small church, Evan’s Chapel Baptist Church. It is more than just a white building on top of a hill; it is the place where the lives of Russell, Josh, Larry and Andy were molded and their desire to serve the Lord was fostered. Russell, Josh and Larry are all brothers and Andy is a longtime friend that is as close as family who make up Locust Ridge.

Acclaimed artist and producer Steve Gulley discovered Locust Ridge and produced Healed.  “If I had to describe their music, I’d call it ‘heartfelt, spirit-filled, anointed, Church house singin’! Great singers, songwriters and musicians who truly are Godly men. I am so excited for everyone to hear the new project, ‘Healed’ ”. It’s a wonderful culmination of a blessed ministry where The Lord always comes first,” said Gulley.

Image635088677754284745Locust Ridge and their new album Healed also caught the attention of Country Legend Dolly Parton who commented, "I am so very proud of my Locust Ridge neighbors. They are so talented and such wonderful people. I am very excited about their project "Healed"… Go Gang!"

Russell Allen of Locust Ridge explains, “As this album began to take shape we started seeing a theme develop. That theme is redemption and healing. I almost see this as “first aid for the soul”.  Special guests on the album include; Dale Ann Bradley, Larry Riddle and Mike Riddle of Primitive Quartet andArchie Watkins. “Silver And Gold” is the first single from the album Healed and the comments from key radio personalities have been very strong:

“Locust Ridge ('dem Allen boys) were meticulous in their song search, vocal preparation and musical presentation. That meticulous effort has manifested itself in this stellar Bluegrass Gospel release! "HEALED," will be getting lots of airplay on Front Porch Fellowship!” -

Les Butler, Publisher Singing News Magazine, Solid Gospel and Front Porch Fellowship: Radio Host

“‘Silver and Gold’ is a hit… That’s powerful stuff.  What a great sound and a great song. These guys are going to be a big force in Bluegrass Gospel Music” - Dennis Jones, WNCW - The Gospel Truth

“Power-tastic songs!  Excellent harmonies and instrumentation. Wholesome and powerful…”David Bissell, PowerGrass.com .

"With a gospel song like, "Silver And Gold", the lyrics are well crafted and the spirit and
inspiration are guiding this up and coming gospel group, LOCUST RIDGE.  Their first radio single
will receive deserving airplay on "Stained Glass Bluegrass".
- Gary Henderson, WAMU-FM's BluegrassCountry, Washington, D. C.

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