John Hartford Illustration of Benny Martin Resurfaces


Eric Hogue working in the John Hartford office recently uncovered some forgotten treasures and memorabilia of John’s life.  

One of the discoveries was a John Hartford original sketch of famed fiddler Benny Martin (used as a “reverse” here). 

Eric was kind enough to also send along some photos of John and Benny playing together.

Eric writes:

“Some may recall Benny Martin as the gifted fiddler who played with musical greats Bill Monroe, Roy Acuff, Earl Scruggs and childhood friend Lester Flatt.  Beyond being the inventor of the 8-string fiddle, colorful personality and a great story maker (e.g. everyone has a good Benny Martin story), Benny was a dear family friend.  He and John would grace our family every holiday with their perpetual jam sessions.  I never grew tired of hearing them dual and harmonize with each other for hours.  John and Benny were best friends and expressed that through their music.

Recently,  I came across some items I think are priceless.  Here are pictures and an illustration drawn by John on the back of a 3 X 5 card. It exemplifies Benny’s endearing charm that always put you in his cheering section.”




Pictures of Benny and John playing at Hartford's home on the Cumberland River in Madison, Tennessee

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