Nu-Blu OK after Close Encounter

Image635103495922635417The only injury after a vehicle accident today was to Lola, Nu-Blu’s bus.


According to a post on the band’s social media page, they “...Awoke to bangs and shaking this morning. It was just an RV hitting us in the side.”

Four Canadian's driving an RV for the first time bumped into the band’s bus while it was parked at the Mall of America.

“Everyone's ok, scrapes and a dented bay door,”  another band comment on the page said.

Nu-Blu, currently on their “TEN TOUR” in support of their newest album “TEN” was taking just a bit of time off and wanted to take the opportunity to visit the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota – about 15 minutes from downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul. The Mall is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world, featuring- 520 stores, 50 restaurants and attractions galore, including Nickelodeon Universe®, the nation's largest indoor theme park.


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Charlie Henderson said...

Glad that Nu Blu members are okay. They are a very good group, something that Bluegrass needs, talented young people who can do the traditional canon music of the genre or delve into progressive bluegrass without going wild, like so many do, and do extreme "jazz" that they think we are going to believe is "progressive bluegrass."
I first heard Nu Blu on the TV show "Mountain Song" about 2 years ago and was really impressed with them. Nothing they've done since has disappointed me. In short, they are just plain good, and I'm happy the Lord kept them from danger.