Pinecastle Signs Lorraine Jordan and Carolina Road

Image635089659340118243Pinecastle Records announces they have signed Lorraine Jordan and Carolina Road to their roster.

"This is such exciting news for us," said bandleader Lorraine Jordan. "We are thrilled to join Pinecastle Records and share some new music with our fans.”

Also a new single, “All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye" written by Terry Foust and Ray Edwards, from their upcoming self-titled album is now available for radio stations everywhere from AirPlay Direct.

The band’s traditional sound and longevity have made it a perennial favorite among bluegrass festival-goers across the country for over a decade.

Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road's distinct sound and old time flair can be attributed to bluegrass-rich area of North Carolina from which they hail and borrow their name. As the founding member and bandleader, Lorraine Jordan's showmanship and chemistry with the audience makes the group one of the most popular bands among bluegrass fans today.

The new release will be available September 10, 2013 and features the baritone vocals and guitar picking of Tommy Long along with outstanding traditional musicians Josh Goforth on the fiddle and Ben Greene on the banjo who have been with the band nine years. Band leader Lorraine Jordan on mandolin and tenor vocals along with John Bradley on bass round out this extremely talented band.

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