Skaggs and Hornsby Back Together–New Album Due Next Month

Image635091488099620302Ricky Skaggs, one of Bluegrass and Country music’s most recognized ambassadors and Bruce Hornsby, one of Pop's most talented pianists and singer-songwriters are reuniting for the first time since originally collaborating six years ago.

On August 20,2013 the two music legends will again come together, this time for a live album, titled CLUCK OL' HEN.

Bluegrass treasures and lively expanded hits wait to be discovered on this fresh collection of songs from the masterful duo of Skaggs and Hornsby.  These live songs were originally recorded when the two music icons hit the tour circuit in support of their first collaborative album, Ricky Skaggs & Bruce Hornsby.  Hornsby’s spirited piano brings a new dimension to these songs, with electrifying solos and improvisation thrown in the mix of Skaggs, Hornsby and Skaggs’ band, Kentucky Thunder.

“We recorded quite a few of the live performances from our tour and came up with a really great CD," says Skaggs.  "It’s a great merging of two different styles.  Listening to this live CD just reminded me of how much fun we had touring together.  Every show was a gift."

Hornsby notes, "I've been fortunate to be a part of scores of collaborations through the years.  Along with my time with the Grateful Dead, Image635091498698076499and the various Spike Lee projects, I consider the long-time association with Ricky to be the deepest and most satisfying collaboration of them all.  Hopefully this record captures the sound of a bunch of guys having a great time playing music together.  That's what it sounds like to me."

Without any restrictions, the music is as fascinating and masterful as the two stars who create it.  The pair blends songs drawn from deep roots in mountain music, adding piano and Hornsby's inimitable songwriting to Skaggs’ instrumental core of mandolin, guitar, bass, fiddle and banjo into a musical feast.  Of course, classic Bluegrass is fully represented with three Bill Monroe tunes, including the fast and furious “Bluegrass Breakdown.”  Punctuating this release is a vibrantly expansive version of Hornsby's early hit “The Way It Is” and a performance of “White Wheeled Limousine,” and to sum up the free-spirited nature of their collaborations, Skaggs and Hornsby joyfully present the vintage fiddle tune “Cluck Ol’ Hen.”  Skaggs and Hornsby kick up a storm with their mix of high-lonesome harmonies, full throttle Bluegrass pickin' and improvisational piano. 

On collaborating with Hornsby, Skaggs notes, "Working with Bruce Hornsby is a show in itself.  He's one of the best musicians I've ever played with.  His talent level is very high and his take on Bluegrass music is very much like Jazz.  It's all just free form and fun."

"I have great respect for the traditions that Ricky Skaggs represents and lives in his music and his life," says Hornsby of Skaggs.  "When I come into his world, I feel it's my job to enhance that tradition, and maybe add some new colors to the palette to paint with.  I also feel it's my job to make him (and his band) laugh a little." 

On August 13, 2013, Skaggs will release his first-ever autobiography, "Kentucky Traveler."  The book details the life and times of Skaggs and provides a descriptive history of Country and Bluegrass music, as told by the master himself.

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