Vintage Laurie Lewis Cassettes and 45 rpm Records Available!

Image635088850123223684One of the benefits of tenure in the music business is that over a period of various technology changes, one may end up with a collection of unsold product from the past, which at the time seemed to be just a little surplus.  But today, those items can easily be vintage material in pristine condition.

And so it is with Laurie Lewis:

“I know that there are perhaps a few of you out there who still like cassettes, and maybe one or two of you who have a home juke box and like to spin 45 RPM discs. Well, we have unearthed some of each, and would like to offer them to you for $3.00/each. That's probably almost enough to cover our mailing expenses!”

The recently uncovered offerings include:


  • True Stories/Laurie Lewis (Rounder Records 300)
  • Seeing Things/Laurie Lewis (Rounder Records)
  • Singin' My Troubles Away/Laurie Lewis and Grant Street (Flying Fish)


  • Grant Street String Band (Laurie Lewis, Beth Weil, Tom Bekeny, Steve Krouse, and Greg Townsend)
    Released in 1981 on Bear Records

Side A: “The Bear Song”
Side B: “Cash on the Barrelhead”

Here’s the address for sending a check or money order and your list of desired items.

Spruce and Maple Music
PO Box 9417
Berkeley, CA 94709

“When they're gone, they're gone,” Laurie says.

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