Bluegrass Association Works to Get “Specialty Vehicle License Plate”

Image635110366492357751Image635110366216341964Colorful specialty vehicle license plates in North Carolina have been given a reprieve thanks to a bill passed in the final hours of the state’s General Assembly last week.

License plates  that have been embellished with a “Smokies” black bear, the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway, an Appalachian Trial hiker, a stately elk — and a few dozen others — were going to be stripped from bumpers in 2015.

They would have been replaced with a far duller version sporting a small, simple logo relegated to one corner.

Image635110376068655484The specialty plates are a money maker for myriad causes behind the veil of the eye-catching images. Motorists cough up a surcharge for the specialty plates, raising $15 to $30 a pop for their respective organization.

The list of causes with a specialty plate is a long one, some 200 in fact, and growing all the time.

New to the game this year is the N.C. Bluegrass Association. 

To help determine the number of people who would Image635110375835012121purchase a “Specialty Bluegrass Plate”, the association has launched a Facebook Page.


Currently there are two designs being considered. 

At the present, the “First In Flight” design, may be the eventual bluegrass plate.  According to North Carolina laws, it takes 300 pre-paid applications. 

The Bluegrass Association is working with the state in hopes of obtaining the 2nd, more colorful design but that one will take a minimum of 500 pre-paid applications.

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