Cupit Music Matches Guitar Donations for Military Personnel !

Image635132071610894965Guitars For Soldiers is an organization dedicated to donating guitars to all military personnel desiring a small travel guitar.

Soldiers become eligible for a free guitar by simply entering their information at www.guitarsforsoldiers.com

Civilians & Corporations contribute by donating one travel guitar at the price of $399.00.

Cupit Music will then match the donation with a second guitar to a second soldier in the donors name.

Image635132075729970562The Cupit Travel Guitar is a revolutionary design “Briefcase Guitar” that fits easily in airline overheads or under the seat.  According to the company’s promo video, the unique design  joining the end of the neck to the body eliminates the need for a support truss rod in the neck.

You can make a donation at www.guitarsforsoldiers.com


Thank you to the American soldier for their service and defending our freedom!

Thank you to all sponsors for your generous donations & support to help our American Soldiers.

For questions and all other inquiries please contact:

Dan Hagar

Senior V.P.
Cupit Music Group
Nashville, TN
615-731-0100 ext.13

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