First New Album in Four Years from Chris Jones and The Night Drivers

Image635113800317532803With the release of  LONELY COMES EASY, the first (almost) all-new collection since 2009’s Cloud Of Dust and the first for Rebel Records in over a decade, Chris Jones and the Night Drivers are poised to cross into the ranks of the music’s most respected artists. 

With two award-winning songwriters in the group, it’s only natural that LONELY COMES EASY is filled with the group’s own material. 

Two songs, including the title track, come from Chris Jones’ own pen, while he and Jon Weisberger collaborated on two other songs and brought in Chris Stuart, yet another Song of the Year winner, for a story of love that transcends family differences (“You’re My Family Now”).

And, in a move that’s increasingly rare in the bluegrass world, the band tackles not one, but two original instrumentals—mandolin player Mark Stoffel’s “Swine Flu In Union County,” and banjo whiz Ned Luberecki’s “Don’t Blink.”

Though it’s thoroughly contemporary, Lonely Comes Easy stays squarely in the bluegrass groove, reflecting the quartet’s appreciation for the ability of earlier masters to bring their own, unique voices—and creative twists—to the style while honoring its traditions.  And while there’s plenty of room for the classic themes of lost love and hard times, Chris and the rest of the band serve up plenty of the deft, subtle—and, occasionally, not so subtle—humor that has brought them growing acclaim as live performers.   

The album is available to radio programmers via download from Airplay Direct and becomes available to the public through retail outlets on August 27th, 2013.

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