John Hartford LPs (originals) To Be Given Away!

Image635134600447697104JohnHartford.com has some extra original vinyl albums of John’s DOWN RIVER LP to give away. (Almost*)

These are promotional LP’s and are being offered free (plus the cost of shipping and handling).

All are clearly stamped "Promotional LP." So they are good for your personal listening collection but won’t fetch much on E-Bay or at the record shop. 

Currently Down on the River in stock.

The album itself is free but they do add a handling fee of $4 and shipping fees apply.  Check it out on John Hartford.com.


*UPDATE to earlier post.  After investigation by readers, apparently the information distributed by the John Hartford website was incorrect.  There is a small cost of $4.00 plus a variable shipping and handling charge based upon your zip code, but still a good deal for a rare album. 

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