Prescription Bluegrass Radio Adds Johannesburg, South Africa Radio Station to Family of Affiliates.

FMR Logo transPrescription Bluegrass Radio host, Brian McNeal, announces the addition of Fame Music Radio broadcasting from Johannesburg, South Africa as the newest radio station to offer their listeners 100% PRESCRIPTION BLUEGRASS.

The Auditory Therapy provided by Prescription Bluegrass for those who suffer from Bluegrass Fever is free and listeners need only tune into the station each Sunday morning from 08:00 to 09:00 Central Africa Time. That would be 1:00 am -2:00 am Eastern Time in the United States (07:00-08:00 GMT). The program will also stream on the stations CLOUD service at anytime during the following week.

Fame Music Radio began broadcasting online in 2007 and has plans in place to offer terrestrial and satellite service in the near future with a potential reach of 14 million listeners, according to station owner George Hegelmann.

Thanks to Bluegrass Guitar Picker, Brandon Lee Adams for introducing us to Prescription Bluegrass, we now have the opportunity to give our South African listeners something different to hear . We look forward to Prescription Bluegrass every Sunday on our station and our repeats of the show on our cloud service during the week. “We've had very good response to the little bit of bluegrass we mix into our programs throughout the week so a complete package of solid bluegrass for an hour each Sunday should be very well received by our listeners,” said Hegelmann.

Prescription Bluegrass Radio began in 2006 as a service to western United States radio listeners who didn't get enough bluegrass from their regular radio programs. The company has since expanded the radio service to include a syndicated feed for stations around the world including Christchurch, New Zealand and Calgary, Canada.

Prescription Bluegrass is also a complete news service for the bluegrass community with a website featuring multiple news updates daily for online readers and a twice weekly radio news broadcast that is heard on over 50 radio stations around the world.

For more information on Prescription Bluegrass, visit the webpage at PrescriptionBluegrass.com

For more information on Fame Music Radio, visit their webpage at: www.famemusic.co.za

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