Rural Rhythm Label Likes to Play Games!

Rural Rhythm GameIf you’re into a challenge, Rural Rhythm may have something to pique your interest.

It’s a new development both for Rural Rhythm and for You Tube where the label is hosting a game called WHAT’S THAT TUNE.

Participants must guess the name of the selected tune from one of Rural Rhythm’s artists in under 10 seconds to move on.  The game tests the players knowledge on Bluegrass Music.

According to the label’s Sammy Passamano III, Vice President / Acquisitions & Artist Development, who came up with the idea, “this is still in the Beta Version and the game is very basic for now.   The main goal is to get people excited about our artists, sell some CD's and get Rural Rhythm Records name out to more people.”

At each level as the game advances, players have a chance to purchase any of the albums if the sample song used in the contest may be to their liking.   Even a wrong answer won’t put you out of the game and you get as many tries to guess correctly as it takes.Image635134782802175466

He also said  we might see a Flash Version ready by the end of the year.  Using You Tube to create games is a new development that is starting to take off according to Passamano and he wants the label to be ready when the time comes.  He hopes that players of the game will start remembering Rural Rhythm’s music and voices from the many artists signed to the label.

Other new ideas still in the development stage but in line with gaming are artist’s game DVDs and a Road Trip Trivia game that will let people use the remote control to play along.  Depending upon how well the the Beta Version of this game gets players excited we may see some of the other developments by next year

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