American Drive Hires New Booking Agent!

Image635137950679659667American Drive welcomes Artie Werner as their new booking and promotional representative.

He is a long-time friend of Dwight McCall and Rickey Wasson and a few months ago left his day job to devote his full time attention to playing and promoting Bluegrass music.

Werner is a veteran member of the Bluegrass community, performing with several bands and currently plays bass with The Missy Werner Band.

"We had been searching for someone to to work with our band to handle the duties required for full time promotion, allowing us to concentrate on performing and recording,” said the band’s Dwight McCall.  “After several discussions with Artie during the past few weeks we mutually agreed that this would be an excellent opportunity for both of us. He looks forward to working with all of the promoters and venues in the future representing American Drive."

You can find the new contact information on the American Drive website, http://www.americandriveband.com/.

Look for the band to return to the studio soon to begin recording a follow-up to their debut "American Drive" release.

Werner will also continue to perform with and promote The Missy Werner Band.

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