Classic Cars and Classic Bluegrass Fit Together Perfectly for Larry Sparks

1948 Plymouth 2-door CoupeIt probably rolled out the factory doors and into the showroom around the time of Bluegrass Icon Larry Sparks’ birth (Sept. 25, 1947).

This 1948 Plymouth 2-door coupe didn’t know then and neither did Larry that some 66 years later their paths would come together.

The classic vehicle was presented to Larry as a birthday gift from dear friends Oral and Arlene Copper (shown in photo below) .Oral & Arlene Copper

According to Larry’s personal assistant, Phyllis Rice, this makes 8 classic cars that Larry now claims proud ownership over and the 2nd one given to him this year.  He was also given a 1960 Ford T-Bird at the Bean Blossom Festival this past summer.

‘48 isn’t the only number on the slate today though.  66 and 50 are two numbers that Larry is very interested in today.  66 being his current age as he celebrates his birthday today and 50 being the number of years he’s been active in bluegrass music as a performer. (See Related Story Here!)

38 is another nice number for the IBMA award winner and SPBGMA Hall of Greats inductee.  Larry likes to drive around in his ‘38 Buick.  He says, “it has roll-up windows, static on the AM radio and no air conditioning,” but it reminds him of of the times when life was a lot simpler. 

That’s the life that he feels is represented by real Bluegrass Music with no electric instruments and “all that stuff plugged into your ears” and he told his audience the other night that they can depend upon him to take care of this music, saying:  “someone has got to take care if this music , and you all can depend on this ol’ guy to do just that.”  He likes his music and his cars simple.

Another thing Phyllis Rice told us was that we will see a photo of his classic automobile collection on the cover of his 50th anniversary album due out next spring.

Larry Sparks 48 Plymouth

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Anonymous said...

This is so true about Larry Sparks he is a simple man who loves to turn back the time a little with cars music and even the home he lives in build in 1877 and he has it filled with things from that time and up to the early 1900 even has an old burn burning cook stove in the kitchen (which we don't use but he has it seating right there)