East Bluegrass Meets West Bluegrass

Image635149385405566735The times when a traveling musician can sit and relax while on the road are few.  The times when two traveling musicians from opposite sides of the country can sit and visit  with each other are even more rare.

One of two green rooms back stage at Flagstaff’s Pickin’ In The Pines proved to be the ideal spot this past weekend when  the Bay Area’s Kathy Kallick, a trailblazer for women in bluegrass, met up with IIIrd Tyme Out’s Edgar Loudermilk from Georgia.


Songwriting and finding new material was the highlight of the conversation between the two with Edgar singing, without accompaniment, the lyrics to a new song he’s just written and about to record on his next solo project. 

When Edgar was asked how he most liked to be approached about new material, he said, “Just like this right here.” Upon which, Kathy, who has recorded over 100 of her original songs, lost no time producing several of her CDs with her own compositions to give to him.

Kathy said that she often get’s songs submitted to her because the writer thinks that the song, being from a woman’s point of view, would interest her.  “However,” she said, “most often the writer is a man and the song just doesn’t work because they don’t have a clue what a woman thinks.”   She says that it is important for a songwriter to write in their own voice.

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