Old Buck Releases Debut Album!

OLD BUCKA collaboration of four red-hot players, Old Buck makes its home at the convergence of Southern old time and bluegrass traditions, making music that “just feels right.”

With the talents of Riley Baugus, Debra Clifford, Sabra Guzm├ín, and Emily Schaad, this all-star stringband combines a love of old time traditions with a fresh new take – plenty of singing, layered arrangements, and influences from punk to vintage Americana to gospel.

While the players overlapped in their interests and projects prior to forming Old Buck, the band itself was born as one of those edge-of-your-seat, time-of-your-life jam sessions that take flight and never quite come back down.

Now the band has poured all that passion and enthusiasm into their debut self-titled album. With each member an acclaimed artist in their own right, it’s no exaggeration to say that Old Buck is a supergroup of Southern roots musicians.

On their debut album, Old Buck rings with the sounds of the mountains. It’s a perfect blend of old time with new stylings, melancholic sparsity with raucous riffs, and four masterful musicians who just can’t keep their joy at playing music together to themselves.

Discover more about Old Buck or purchase the CD HERE.

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