Planet Bluegrass Under Water

We don’t have much in the way of details yet, but videos began circulating around the Internet today showing the flooding situation occurring in Colorado.

The popular Planet Bluegrass festival area is particularly hard hit and the pictures captured by area residents tell most of the terrible news.  What we don’t know right now is the extent of the damage or future plans.   However we are attempting to get information from sources at the scene and we will continue to update as we have new information.


The Colorado flooding that has already taken three lives and left at least one missing is also effecting the bluegrass community around the west.   Colorado Bluegrass band, The Railsplitters scheduled to play Flagstaff, Arizona’s Pickin’ In the Pines this weekend posted online today:

“Instead of driving to Flagstaff, AZ today to play our first major bluegrass festival,Pickin in the Pines, we are pumping water out of Pete's basement as quickly as possible. Dusty is stranded in Lyons, with no way in or out, above Planet Bluegrass observing the massive devastation that all of our friends are experiencing. Please send your prayers and love to our state. Thank you.”

North of the serious flooding around Boulder, Fort Collins area bluegrassers Finnders and Youngberg offered their home for any of their fellow musicians from the worst hit areas that may need a place to stay.  “It's not nearly so bad up here,” Erin Youngberg posted. “Thinking about you all and hoping things dry out soon!”

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