Prescription Bluegrass Reviews: Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road

Image635152132858162035You’re gonna love this CD! It’s as simple as that….. This twelve song release on Pinecastle Records is a solid musical endeavor bound to win Lorraine and the boys new fans. With power house vocalists and exceptional instrumentalists, they have all their bluegrass bases covered. Six original songs make a very strong statement as to how prolific this band can be, and the six cover songs are all well chosen and thought out as to how well they fit the band’s direction.

Lorraine wrote two of her songs with Terry Foust, “Livin’ Like I’m Dying,” which she also sings lead on, and “Hold Me One More Time.” She definitely needs to write more often with Mr. Foust! Both songs are cohesive lyrically and melodically, and, more important, they’re memorable and catchy. Her own “Bluegrass Barn,” sung by Tommy Long, is one her long time bluegrass fans are going to enjoy.

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