Ted Lehmann Lays It All Out For Bluegrass Conventioneers

Irene and Ted LehmannBluegrass Blogger, Ted Lehmann  has posted his special preview of the IBMA World of Bluegrass to be held in Raleigh, NC from September 24 - 28.

This fully re-imagined feast of meeting, music, awards, jamming, networking, and just plain fun offers something for everyone.  Lehmann’s post is designed to help those attending prepare and those not attending understand more fully.

In brièveté, Lehmann’s post warns that planning ahead can not be overdone.  He also provides a few hints on occasion to help various readers (regardless of their respective purposes in attending) to not only plan but also to THINK ahead even before planning.

Hint to Musicians: You can't spread your knowledge and increase your business if you've been up until 4:00 AM the night before jamming and imbibing liquid refreshment. Keep your eye on the objectives of spending all that money to attend this event.

Lehmann also provides a great deal of photos of some of the various locations where events will occur and a map of Downtown Raleigh with key areas marked.

Anyone planning on attending the annual bluegrass conference and especially those who’ve never been to Raleigh, NC should take full advantage of Lehmann’s generosity and thoughtfulness.

READ the Full blog post here.


*Source:  Ted Lehmann Google+ feed.

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