Tim Shelton Signs with Lonesome Day Records!

TIM SHELTONLonesome Day Records has announced they have signed Tim Shelton to a multi-record deal!

Work is set to begin later this winter on Tim's first Lonesome Day album with a release date that has not yet been determined.

Shelton's vocal talents will be featured on Lonesome Day's up coming Bob Seger tribute album "Silver Bullet Bluegrass".

Shelton says. “I’ve always loved and appreciated all kinds of music, and it was almost nagging at me that I wanted to do something else.

But New Found Road was busy in Bluegrass, and we’d finally gotten to the point where we were comfortable, so it seemed a little silly to change. But then [mandolinist] Joe Booher came in and said, ‘I think I’m ready for a break from traveling.’ Well, he’d been with me for seven years, so it caught me off guard. But I thought about it, and literally the next day, I decided, I’m done. I didn't want to deal with reinventing New Found Road, I’d been wanting to do other things musically, to go other places, and so I thought, now is the time.”

Lonesome Day Records owner Randall Deaton had this to say about Tim Shelton, "I first had the opportunity to work with Tim Shelton when he recorded the song “Against The Wind” for the Bob Seger bluegrass tribute record that we are producing.  I had of course heard Tim’s music before but I was blown away by his singing when I heard it in person.  We subsequently had several conversations about the music business and I knew that I would like to work with him again someday.  I am looking forward to working on a new record this winter and many other records in the future."

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