British Columbia Roots Couple Get Played On Starbucks In-Store Network Worldwide!

Pharis & Jason Romero  (Photo: Mike Melnyk Photography)Hearth Music is  proud to announce that Starbucks has officially picked up the song "I Want to Be Lucky" from British Columbia roots duo Pharis & Jason Romero!


This beautiful original song is from their 2013 album, , which garnered praise from NPR, No Depression, Huffington Post, Utne Reader, A Prairie Home Companion and lots more!

 What's gratifying is that Pharis & Jason aren't in this for the fame or glory. They just make amazingly beautiful music (and build awesome banjos) in their forest home in British Columbia.


It's very cool that so many people are catching on to what they're doing purely on the basis of their musicianship.

As of October 15th , you'll be able to hear Pharis & Jason Romero playing in Starbucks throughout the world.


Have a listen to the song, "I Want To Be Lucky" from their Folk Alley session at Folk Alliance:

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