Controversy In Music - A Prescription Bluegrass Editorial

Junior Sisk has been in the news a lot lately and most of it in the positive sense – for awards and recognition for his many accomplishments. This past week however, the recognition for Junior has been some negative and some positive depending upon which side of the fence his fans may like to stand.

Junior recently asked the bluegrass community's forgiveness and apologized for including a song on his latest CD and in his live performances that dealt with the subject of spousal abuse. The song, “Old Bicycle Chainsays;

it's never to late to change your ways dear, face your mistakes and take the blame … and don't come back messin' 'round here, or I'll whoop you with an old bicycle chain.

In Junior's own words, “It was never my intention to support any sort of violence. It was a good up tempo song that we thought would cause a chuckle.”

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