Former NPR Host Bob Edwards Talks Bluegrass with Rebecca Frazier

Bob Edwards[4]Public Radio Icon, Bob Edwards who many remember from his long tenure on NPR’s Morning Edition will sit down with Bluegrass songwriter, performer and guitar virtuoso, Rebecca Frazier.

Rebecca will also perform live on Edwards’ show which is now heard on Sirius-XM Public Radio (XM 121/Sirius 205)

Listen in to hear the interview and performance on Wednesday, November 6th.  She got a dress-rehearsal of sorts for the high-powered interview next month when she was a guest this morning on Kyle Cantrel’s show on the Bluegrass Junction.

Rebecca then heads to the west coast for in-studio sessions with KSON's Wayne Rice, KPFK's Roz Larman and KCBX's Rene Engel. 

This all on the heals of a wildly successful Colorado tour where Rebecca managed to fit in live performances on KGNU, KRFC, KSUT, KBUT, KDNK, and KVNF.

REBECCA FRAZIER  - WHEN WE FALLMeanwhile, the press continues to roll in, praising When We Fall, Frazier's first solo album.

Critical Praise For When We Fall:

"If When We Fall is not the best bluegrass album of 2013, then it's easily among the top five albums of the year. With her emotional, powerful vocals, Rebecca Frazier-known for her work in the award-winning bluegrass band, Hit & Run-stands in the ranks of Alison Krauss and Rhonda Vincent; her compelling lyrics transport us through the pain of loss, love's disappointments, and the hope of healing..... she demonstrates why she is simply one of the best flattop guitar pickers working today. Every song on this beautiful album reveals a facet of Rebecca Frazier's musical brilliance, and not one song on the album disappoints." ENGINE145.COM


"As a picker, Frazier shows the influence of Tony Rice, particularly on the melodic instrumental Virginia Coastline, but she's clearly learned the lessons from Rice that playing lead is not all about speed and playing backup is not just about keeping time. In short, Frazier is, like both Krauss and Rice, a superbly well-rounded talent. She most evokes the dynamic early years of Krauss' career, making this disc a pleasant and rewarding experience." - COUNTRY STANDARD TIME

"You must be somebody pretty special and extraordinarily talented to get the bassist and banjo player for Alison Krauss and Union Station and the mandolin player for Steve Martin to play on your first solo record. Rebecca Frazier is just that and more. Her playing is distinctive, and her voice is lilting and lyrical."  - CHAPEL HILL MAGAZINE 

"Rebecca Frazier's voice is a nearly perfect bluegrass instrument - both powerful and delicate. She also happens to be a fine songwriter, as demonstrated by the nine original songs on When We Fall...She is a monster flatpicker, with a crisp clean attack and superb timing...." -   AUDIOPHILEREVIEW.COM

"It's easy to enjoy a project with so many fine characteristics.  It is well produced, the supporting musicians are fantastic and the mixing is nothing short of spectacular.....Rebecca, in addition to being a superb vocalist and lyricist, is a masterful flat-pick guitar player, playing with a level of imagination, taste and authority that will awe many of her listeners, as well as her peers"  - PRESCRIPTION BLUEGRASS  (READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE!)

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