Historic Night In D.C. - Pre-Event Background

Return to the RED FOX INN - Seldom SceneOn Sunday, October 20th, the presents a historic night in bluegrass music with the return of The Seldom Scene to one of the area’s premier venues for bluegrass from the days of the band’s beginnings.

The Red Fox Inn, the original home of the Seldom Scene in the 1970’s will once again feature the band’s musical talents and unique harmonies on many of the same songs performed more than 40 years ago.


Katy also thought some pre-event background might be nice to help set the stage.   Here’s  Ben Eldridge, the only remaining founding member of the band talking about those early days, the late John Duffey, the current Seldom Scene, their newest CD and his enjoyment.

View nearly 100 photos of the original members and the current band from the Seldom Scene’s 40 Anniversary on Lou Reid’s .

The band’s current members are:

  • Ben Eldridge: banjo, guitar
  • Dudley Connell: guitar, vocals
  • Lou Reid: mandolin, vocals
  • Ronnie Simpkins: bass, vocals
  • Fred Travers: dobro, vocals

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