Michael Martin Murphy Signs with Nancy Fly Agency

MICHAEL MARTIN MURPHYThe Nancy Fly Agency has announced the contract signing of one of America’s most versatile entertainers, Michael Martin Murphey.

The agency is now booking Murphey for the 2014-2015 season with only a few 2013 dates remaining for his “Cowboy Christmas Show!”

"The Cowboy Christmas Show is made up of Christmas music, my hit songs, cowboy poetry and classic cowboy music,” says Murphey.  “The music is the essence of the show, but we use special effects and rear-screen projection to support the music."

In the early 1970s, Rolling Stone Magazine called Michael Martin Murphey "one of the best songwriters in America."  Since that time, Murphey has left an indelible mark on the American Music Landscape crafting and recording such iconic hits as "Wildfire," "Carolina In The Pines," "Geronimo's Cadillac," "Cowboy Logic," "Cherokee Fiddle," "Boy From The Country" and more.

In the process, Murphey has topped the Pop, Country, Bluegrass and Western Music charts, earned six gold albums and multiple Grammy nominations.  

Through all the chart-jumping and genre-busting, Murphey has remained constant to an honest, sophisticated approach to his songwriting. His new Red River Drifter is a collection that draws from a deep well of eclectic influences ranging from classical to country, blues to bluegrass, pop to western. In fact, it's simply impossible to pigeon-hole Murphey into one specific genre. He is no more country than rock, no more bluegrass than classical. He is, rather, a true AMERICAN songwriter.

A native Texan, Murphey's songs have always reflected his lifestyle, and are understandably seen through a Western lens, often built on outdoor themes with the sensibilities of his cowboy lifestyle. At the core of his music is a stubborn determination to be the best songwriter he can be.

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