NEW Old & In The Way Release Includes 55 Tracks

Image635162275045779751Forty years ago today, a bluegrass band walked on to the stage of The Boarding House in San Francisco and unbeknownst to them at the time, began to make bluegrass history.

Acoustic Oasis, the label owned by award-winning mandolinist and music producer David Grisman announced today the high-definition release of Old & In The Way - The Complete Boarding House Tapes.

pullquoteThe band on that night 40 years ago included two of Bill Monroe's former Blue Grass Boys, guitarist Peter Rowan and fiddle virtuoso Vassar Clements, mandolinist David Grisman and Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead picking banjo along with his bass playing sidekick, John Kahn.

A week later the same group played there again and recorded what would become one of the most influential albums in Bluegrass history - Old & in the Way.

Now forty years later, both shows are being released as High Definition (24 bit, 96 khz) downloads on Grisman's AcousticOasis.com.

The 4-set compilation comes exactly 40 years after the band played two shows at The Boarding House in San Francisco — the first on October 1, 1973 and second on October 8, 1973, from which the original LP was produced.

This is the first release of complete shows by this stellar bluegrass ensemble and includes 55 tracks, 14 of which have never been issued in any format before today.

Old & in the Way had a huge impact on bluegrass music through the recordings, which were made by Ousley Stanley III at The Boarding House.

"Although we didn't realize what an impact this music would have at the time, we had a lot of fun playing the bluegrass music we loved and these tapes reveal that in a big way," Grisman said.

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