Prescription Bluegrass Reviews Finnders & Youngberg - I DON’T WANT LOVE YOU WON’T GIVE UNTIL I CRY

I love it when I’m not expecting a new CD from an artist that I really like and a new one magically appears at my door.

Finnders and Youngberg’s new music arrived and it was in my CD player immediately! I was very impressed with their last release, so I knew that this one was going to be good…….. and it has lived up to all my expectations, and beyond. 

The song writing is top shelf, the vocals are warm, expertly sung and expressive, the pickin’ is outrageously good, the personality and charisma of each player lights up the tracks, and it is recorded, mixed and mastered with an artistic and technical savvy. There isn’t a weak spot on the entire CD, and all that was evident after just one listening!

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