Songwriters Donna Ulisse & Jerry Salley Thank Bluegrass Legend Del McCoury

DONNA ULISSE, DEL McCOURY, JERRY SALLEYSongwriters Donna Ulisse & Jerry Salley recently had the opportunity to thank bluegrass legend Del McCoury in person for recording their song "Butler Brothers" on the new Del McCoury Band album The Streets of Baltimore.

The song is a tragic and chilling story of two brothers fighting on different sides in the Civil War.

The songwriting team caught up with Del last week at the International Bluegrass Music Awards in Raleigh, North Carolina where Ulisse was nominated for Songwriter of the Year and Salley had one of his tunes nominated for Song of the year. The Del McCoury Band was nominated for Entertainer of the year.  

“My husband acquired a really cool document out of the courthouse,” Donna said in a recent interview about the song.  “…there was a story about his great-great-great-great-grandfather fighting against his brother in the Civil War, which was really sad. Then we dug around and found this one battle in Williamsburg, Virginia, that had to be the saddest battle in the War because they couldn’t declare a winner, there was no winning side there. So [Salley and I] placed those two brothers on that battlefield, so no one won, but the biggest loser of all was their mother.”

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