Stolen Instruments Find Their Way Back Home

Luke Munday with Instruments returnedWe received word late today that Luke Munday, who’d lost several instruments recently to theft has been reunited with them.  In his own words:

“On Tuesday October 15th I was reunited with my stolen instruments. I’m delighted to report that my Huber banjo and my Martin Guitar were returned in perfect condition. I’d like to thank Bluegrasstoday, Mandolin CafĂ©, Banjo Hangout, Prescription Bluegrass, Cybergrass, Nashville Metro Police, The Clark family, and most importantly my parents Jeff and Marylinda Munday! Words cannot express how happy I am to have my instruments back. If anybody needs me I’ll be picking on my banjo and guitar. Once again thank you to everyone who helped me out.”

Now isn’t this a much better story to be reporting?


Luke’s mother sent us this note:

Marylinda Ramirez Munday We just want to say thanks to all the folks for praying first most over this situation and sharing our son Luke Mundays post on his Instruments being returned back home to him, I also want to thank the parents of the young man & admire them for getting him to do the right thing and returning them back to the right owner & they drove him back to Nashville, Tn. To sit with us & our son Luke at Authentic Coffee Shop "family business" getting and returning the instruments back to the right owner and not getting his reputation ruined in the bluegrass music circle but it took for us to search for the parents of this young man that was a person of interests on the stolen instruments, we thank God for still good parents out there that care for their children still and from getting their reputation ruined Thanks again for all the prayers and happy ending! Marylinda Ramirez Munday

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